Friday, 16 February 2018

Best Man Lift Rental Companies in Dubai

Universum Heavylift Group- It is a market leader in the sales and rental of all kinds of Powered Access Rentals which includes man lift (boom lift, cherry picker ) and scissors lift (electrical & diesel ) and spiderman lift. Their areas of services cover all industries including oil & gas, construction, facilities management and media & events throughout the United Arab Emirates and Europe. It is long established service provider in UAE and UK and has a modern fleet of over 500 booms and scissor lifts which makes them UAE's leading powered access rental companies. Universum Heavylift Group is accredited with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 certificates. 

Manlift- They has evolved successfully as the largest specialist in working safely and efficiently at heights. They are ranked amongst the best Aerial Work Platform specialists. They have international reach, and their constant focus is on leveraging best services and customer experience across the world. Their motto is to go the extra mile for you to flourish your targets by implementing high-quality solutions and involving skilled people. They offer rental services for aerial work platforms, articulated boom lift, scissor lift, spider lift and telescopic boom. 

Safelift- Founded in the year 2009, Safelift leverages services in the supply of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP's). It is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, with operations in Dubai and has plans to expand in other GCC locations. It is an ISO 9001 registered organization, and they supply their machines with a valid third party inspection certificate. They own boom lift fleet and telescopic boom lifts which possess height capacities ranging from 12 m to 43 m operating on diesel, electricity or bi-fuel. Their scissor lifts are capable of reaching heights from 7.6 m to 18 m, and they operate on either electricity or diesel. They rent booms, scissor lifts, and low-level lifts. 

Al Walid Equipment rental LLC- This heavy equipment rental company operates in UAE and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They provide mobile crane, forklift, boom lift, telehandler with operators and also generators, compressors with periodic maintenance services. If your specification is not listed on their website, then you have an option to fill the inquiry form available on their website and wait for their response. They believe in ultimate customer satisfaction and are ready to fulfill customer's personalized requirements. They provide rental services for boom lifts, forklifts, tower lights, boom loaders, cranes, etc. 

Man Lift Rental Companies in Dubai 

Universum Heavylift Group appears to be one of the best man lift rental company in Dubai. If you are seeking for a rental company who deals in heavy machinery, then Universum should be your choice. 

Friday, 9 February 2018

How to Buy Heavy Equipment Safely By Avoiding Unethical Sellers

Buying heavy equipment is a pricey affair, and not all businesses can afford them. Purchasing a good machine at an economical price is the bottom line of a project's success. According to your project's capacity, you can choose to buy, rent or lease machines, however, what drives success here is ethicality. Once you start searching for the equipment you need, you'll discover dealers with different ethics. Sometimes, a deal may be legal. However, it may pertain to unethical terms. 

It is unethical to trade if: 
  • The seller doesn't provide you with a complete portfolio of the machine. 
  • The seller forces business on you and provokes you to buy equipment ‘right now.' 
  • The seller is unaware of the details of the equipment product and is unable to answer questions. 
  • The person is not the first owner and doesn't refer NICB or NCIC databases. 
 Do the following before choosing a dealer: 

Get Multiple Quotes- Start with creating a list of all dealers in the market who are selling the machine of your concern. For new devices, a reliable source is company's authorized dealer. For old machines, you need to struggle a bit to purchase a good working one at the economical price. A trick is to meet multiple sellers and bid with them for the best price.  

Ask Questions- Do not hesitate in asking questions about the equipment you are willing to purchase. Ask questions on extended warranties, service contracts, maintenance, bulk deal, and other details relevant to your project and the equipment. Also, make sure the paperwork is done legally, else, it may pile problems for you on a longer run. 

Get References & Reviews- Reviews have become an integral part of online service users now. You should seek reviews for the machine as well as the dealer and its services too. Spare some time to connect with old clients of the dealer to make a good buy. If a dealer holds a good rapport, he/she will be referred by multiple clients or service seekers. 

Pay Attention- Stay conscious from the very first day of the trade. Stay attentive to all the paperwork and agreements and ensure you do not push yourself into any trouble. Do not rush with the legal processes and work closely with all transfers. 

If you are looking for massive equipment rental companies, then Universum Heavylift Group is the best option for you. They hold a good rapport with heavy equipment rental and is one of the best heavy equipment rental companies in Dubai. 

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Things to Consider Before Choosing an Immigration Consultant

Are you planning to travel to some other country? If so, then preparing for visa application is the first task you need to do. Until the government approves, you are not authorized to plan a trip. Each country has specific immigration rules and regulations by which an applicant is granted the visa. Each locale has now several numbers of immigration consultancies and representatives who study the immigration rules thoroughly and prepare documents for you on your behalf.  If you are not much aware of visa rules, then it is recommended to get your application prepared by an experienced and expert representative.

Now, the question arises, which consultancy can get your job done? Well, no one can guarantee your visa; however, getting the application processed by an expert can increase chances of your successful visa attempt. Consider that the consultancy possesses the following:

Knowledge and Expertise- Legal procedures are often complicated and lengthy, primarily when you immigrate to one county from another. You should seek out a professional who is well versed with the rules & regulations of immigration law; otherwise, there is a high probability of your application getting turned down.

High Success Rate- Look for an immigration consultant who holds best ratings in knowledge, experience, and expertise. A thorough background check is necessary to increase the chances of success of your application. Moreover, consultants who possess multilingual abilities can help you better in translating documents. It is a value-added service, and not all consultant agencies provide this.

Reputation and Achievements- A reputed and trusted consultancy will be able to push your application lawfully to correct people to obtain the visa in less time possible. Experience pertains to recognition, and this is what that can help you in achieving your goal. Choose a consultancy which assures you of professional business processing and high-quality services.

 Accessible and Responsive- The consultancy representative looking into your case should be responsible and should promptly respond to your queries and application process. He/she should know all insights of your case and should in close contact with you to ease the process.

Economical Fees and Honest Advice- You won't appreciate any surprises in invoice and billing matters. The consultancy you choose should provide you value for money advice. An honest and reliable immigration consultant will be providing you with realistic estimates and should keep the entire application process transparent.

Immigration Consultants in Dubai
Stratix Consultants is one of the best immigration consultations in Dubai. Their 14 years of experience has built thousands of satisfied customers. They hold expertise in relocating clients to Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and various European locations.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Health Benefits of Gluten Free Foods

Gluten is a protein which is found in wheat, barley, rye and some other grains. It is chewy and gives elasticity to food while chewing. Patients of celiac disease or gluten sensitivity should exclude gluten from their meals for quick recovery and maintain a healthy life. A gluten-free diet should be carefully followed because if not done under supervision it can lead to serious health problems. The following are benefits of eating gluten-free food:

·         Improves Digestion- If you experience bloating, diarrhea or gas after eating gluten propertied foods then cutting it off from your diet can help you minimize the symptoms. And if you are a celiac disease patient, then definitely gluten is not for you because it can lead to nausea, flatulence, vomiting, etc. American Journal of Gastroenterology conducted a research on adults with non-celiac gluten sensitivity and they concluded that after six weeks of gluten laced diet intake, the participants complained of poor stool consistency, bloating, pain and fatigue.

·         Boosts Energy- Do you feel tired or sluggish even after eating your meal? If it's a heads up, then probably the nutrients of the food you are eating are not getting properly absorbed by the body. Ensure you are filling your gluten-free diet with plenty of nutrients to close any nutrition gaps and enhance energy levels.

·         Helps in Curing Autism in Children- Autism is a developmental disorder which affects children in their initial two years of life. New researches in this sector suggest elimination of gluten from the diet while conventional treatment methods being on to reduce the symptoms of gluten.

·         Reduces Inflammation- If the patients with celiac disease continue consuming gluten, then it can cause inflammation problems in the entire body. A complete cure for this disease can be made if gluten is wholly prohibited from the everyday diet.

·         Promotes Fat Loss- Findings released in 2013 notified that the mice which were fed with gluten-free diet reduced weight considerably faster than the mice which were fed with regular food. Similarly, in humans, a gluten-free diet can help in reducing weight.

·         Helps in Improving Disorders of Irritable Bowel Syndrome- IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is an intestinal disease which causes constipation, diarrhea, gas, and constipation. A low-FODMAP diet is recommended for IBS, and this food is restrictive of gluten.

Myqandc is an online store which specializes in superior quality gluten-free food. They can deliver items to your doorstep within specified time frames.

Top Skin Care Brands in Dubai

Online markets have eased our lives to great extents. Starting from hair to feet, you'll find a wide range of products to enhance and maintain your beauty. Moreover, you get desired products at your doorsteps, and you have choices to choose your favorite mode of payment. The following are top skincare brands in Dubai:

Cool & Cool

It is a leading international FMCG brand. They hold a good rapport in the market and have been regarded as trustworthy and reliable by their customers. Their skin care, personal care, paper, detergents, convenient wipes, mother & baby care products are produced from superior quality scratch, and they have constantly evolved through their innovative ideas and impeccable customer service. They are an online store and can deliver your order within specified time frames at your doorsteps.


It is one of the most sought-after skin care brands in Dubai. Shiffa means ‘healing' in Arabic. It is owned by Dr. Lamees Hamdan who is an expert dermatologist. Some of its products are best known for decreasing puffiness, and its specially formulated body oils are great for mums-to-be.

Beau & Eve

Their scrubs are inspired by botanicals and fine oils prominent in Gulf. These scrubs are completely buffers which are formulated using high-quality coffee, virgin coconut oil, and organic argan oil. The benefits of these ingredients lay a significant impact in sloughing away dead skin and keeping the body hydrated. Physical disorders like stretch marks, varicose veins, ingrown hairs, dry skin, etc. can be treated with its products.

Herbal Essentials

Their products are inspired by Ayurveda and are chemical free. What makes their products different from other herbal products is the usage of Himalayan spring water which passes through rocks, sand, and clay to contain uncountable macro minerals. Their popular products are calming face cream, serum and sun protector. Herbal Essentials donate one percent of their sales revenue to support environment protection.

Reine Michi Beauty

They are another popular face in the world of natural skincare, and people love their sugar scrub which is made up of only three ingredients sugar, coconut oil and lavender essential oil. It smells fantastic and it can be used as a food supplement.

Skin Care Products in Dubai

If you are looking for reliable skin products which do not produce aftermaths, then Cool & Cool is for you. Their online store encompasses a wide range of skin and beauty care products. Apart from these products they can also mother & baby care, skin care, hygiene, men care, wet wipes, detergents, kids hygiene, and paper.